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How You Know You Have It Made

if winning the Powerball won’t change how your life is going. I mean, I will still need my degree(s) to work in some combination of public health, research, and administration on a locums scale. I can’t think of how a $500 million windfall will change how I do things too much, especially given how much […]

Consolidation of Private Practices – Why is this a Bad Thing?

Maybe it’s a generational gap, but I don’t see the downsides of being a hospital employee rather than running and owning a private practice. Sure, in practice, one gets to keep more of the revenue, but that revenue is intensely unstable. The owner has to manage employees, file complicated tax returns, adjust to medicare slicing […]

Why I’ll Never be Popular at Parties

It’s due to my inability to empathize with individuals (or perhaps my overly logical ability to ponder from all perspectives at the same time).   Examples (both real and fictional): Friend comes to complain about wife/gf in a typical way.┬áMy reply: “Wait, try looking at things from her perspective…” Typical American talking about a piece […]

What a Productive Day!

I usually don’t blog about random going ons in my day, preferring to talk about my thoughts on interesting things going on in the world, but this day merits particular attention. In a burst of productivity brought upon by the pressure of impending deadlines (they’re not good for health, but they do spur work to […]

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Are we losing the war on infectious diseases worldwide? My mentor and inspiration the famous ID doctor Dr. Z certainly seems to think so – namely that while newer antimicrobials have allowed us to win some battles now, in the long-run microbes driven by evolutionary pressures are coming up with some amazing mechanisms of resistance. […]

It’s About Power (Part 3)

Another follow up to the series of articles focusing on the fascinating conflict between mid-level providers and physicians. The whole health care field was due for an upheaval, even without Obamacare making a small splash. As I said last time, the dispute is centered on reimbursement, scope of practice, and respect, with quality patient care […]

Giving in to the Trend

It was inevitable. Like some towering walls that withstood siege after siege, it eventually yielded to a massive flood surging forth to announce the demise. I’m talking of course about trends in technology. First it was 4:3 screens transitioning to wide 16:10 then to 16:9 and now to ultra-wide ratios. The marketing appeal focused on […]

Surprising Developments

Better and better! Recently a batch of surprisingly positive developments have all clustered together. They are as follows: Security deposit refund from landlords (essentially found money that I had not expected back) New P&S camera on discount for impending travels, to replace the old broken one Acceptance into the Chiang Mai site for the spring […]

Miniaturizing Life – What To Buy Used (and What to Buy Cheap)

Ah, here’s another installment in my mad quest to optimize life and live purposefully. Today we’ll focus on saving money by buying used. The idea came to me while thinking about how to resolve the dilemma between buying a replacement travel camera or using a cellphone as a replacement (but not too long, as time […]

Miniaturizing Life – Appreciating Sleekness in Code

My newfound obsession with minimalism as the key to living life has extended to appreciation of fine code. First, with my pedigree in software engineering, I’m a maniac when it comes to stretching the useful life of “old” hardware. Heck, I have a sentimental side for old computers; I see them as faithful old dogs […]