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Another Wonderful Day

Another Wonderful Day

One day before the exam, I decided to take a leisure day and not do any studying. So, Wayne and I went on an all day outing. We headed out to Uvas Canyon for a 4 hour hike, saw some nice waterfalls, and then came back to eat a wonderful meal at Kabul, an Afghan […]

Where to be Happy

Is happiness a state of mind or a more complex function of factors including where we live, the weather, our jobs, and those around us? It would seem that location has at least some part to do with it, as Singapore is among the least happy countries despite having incredible wealth, high-paying jobs, and a […]

My Ideal Woman

It’s been a long time in development, but I feel I finally have a grasp on what traits my ideal woman needs to have: In short, a tall (170 cm+) willowy brunette with long hair, big eyes and a shy smile, from Lithuania, who grew up in Singapore, speaks 4 languages fluently (each from a […]

The Dying Days of Empire (Reborn)

For those wishing to experience live in colonial era India or Indochina or French Algeria now have the option. I know that some westerners reminisce of the dying days of empire where plantation owners could lay on a hammock and watch legions of workers harvesting cash crops. One can now experience the same sort of […]

Norway is the Place to be

High taxes notwithstanding, the country is currently a great place to go and make money. It’s absolute thriving in oil wealth, and as a result of the country’s wealth, there is a shortage of domestic help. That’s why janitors can earn $27/hour there working under pretty leisurely conditions and with great benefits. It’s perhaps the […]