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India and Thailand 2013 – Legacy of Da Gama

Woke up at some insane time 3:30am or so. I suppose I managed to sleep that much only because I had been on the road and not sleeping very well there. So I stayed up, finished my cashews, and popped a tab each of Malarone and Cipro  for malaria prophylaxis and the traveler’s diarrhea I was developing. The […]

India and Thailand 2013 – The Beaches of Goa

The train rumbled into Madgaon station early in the morning and I confirmed my stop with the cabin boy. It’s surprising that they don’t announce or show the station. That would be very helpful especially at night when station names are not visible. The train ended up delayed by an hour overall, which I later […]

India and Thailand 2013 – From Mumbai On

The flight to Mumbai was uneventful, even though the wait was long. That’s the problem with hacker flights- it can be hard to coordinate layover times. After the 18 hour wait, and many trips to the mart for cheap sandwiches, I got on the plane. I immediately noticed a difference in the behavior of the […]

US Still Ideal Country

To make money. While Switzerland comes close, it’s done in by 40 franc/hour babysitters and 8 franc coffees. I’ve said in the past that the US has a few distinct advantages over the rest of the world: As a place to make and save money, due to high income, relatively low cost-of-living, favourable tax rates, […]

India and Thailand 2013 – First Stages

For those who don’t know, I went on a just over 3 month series of medical elective rotations in Bangalore, India and Chiang Mai, Thailand in the spring of 2013. I decided to go to these cities because they represent places of interest in a region of the world I haven’t visited before. I also […]