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Cruel Introduction to the World of SEO

I’ve blogged about SEO in the past, but it seems those in the business of making a living by blogging or maintaining websites are quite shark-like in their approach to marketing their product. It’s nothing I’m unused to though, and heck, I even plan on employing some of their techniques when I have my book […]

The Difficulty of Integrating New Populations Today

Wayne graciously came over during a respite from his MCAT studying to discuss politics in a walk around the block. One particular point we noted is the “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the west, which manifested itself in the Boston bombing and the beheading of a soldier in London. The main questions centered around […]

Best Article Yet on India’s “Eve Teasing” Phenomenon

which has culminated in a series of high-profile rapes this spring. This WSJ article goes through a list of suggested explanations and debunks them in turn, and finally offers its own very reasonable and believable hypothesis.

India and Thailand 2013 – Wat Overload

The plane arrived in Bangkok at about midnight, just like before. And again, just like before, I spent the night at the airport lying uncomfortably across a row of seats. The reason again was the lack of good transportation into the city late at night (taxis are exorbitant/extortionate in their rates). Instead, in the morning, […]

India and Thailand 2013 – Final Days in India

Got into Trivandrum by bus after 1-2 hours. The scenery outside was quite interesting throughout, though the driver had a suicidal tendency of speeding and passing every car in front of him on a small 2 lane road. I focused my attention on watching the letters outside change from Tamil to Malayalam, which has largely […]

Let Us All Unite and Drink Tea Together

I’ve long since wondered why so many languages all use the same word for tea. Well, yesterday’s enlightening exhibit at the Hall of Opium in the Golden Triangle elucidated that reason. Tea originated in China and was relatively unknown in the rest of the world until the Dutch and Portuguese began trading in south China. […]