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The Art of Letting Go, Framing Perspective, and Developing Good Habits

Warning, this will be one of the most insightful yet scattered posts ever. Today was at first a potentially bad day. I realized, after some scrambling, that I could not find my newly bought tablet. Thinking back, I realized that I had left it on the elliptical machine at the gym and had forgotten to […]

Housing, Community, History, and Gentrification

Disparate trends in home prices have always been interesting to me. First, let’s focus on why things occur. The facts on the ground are that “hip” places on the coasts (Torrance area, SF, NYC, Boston, Seattle, SD, and soon Portland) have recovered much better than other areas after the last housing downturn.   There are […]

GOAT Update

Dr. Orens in cardiology is surely quite annoyed with me now, as for two days straight I’ve asked him, “What’s your favourite …”. First it was movie, then it was book. Oh, the dirty secret is that tomorrow I’ll ask him about music. He’ll throw up his arms in frustration; I’m sure of it! That […]

The UK Housing Market

The UK is a strange place in many ways. For one, they complain about cost of living being so high, yet continue to flock to the “good weather” and abundant cultural amenities in the Southeast. What’s wrong with Cardiff or Manchester, or heck Inverness (okay, maybe that’s stretching things a bit too far)? Another thing […]

Doubling Down on No Regrets

Intern year is in full force, and man has it been sucking up my time. The nice thing is finally earning an income (and saving a huge proportion of it), and having more structured time. There are fewer tests and other fixed drains on one’s time. Though there is less free time after work, the […]