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You’re Always Competing Against Other People

The answer was one I reached after a bit of meditating, in response to a shockingly simple question I was struck with by a fellow nocturnist on call. This doctor grew up in San Francisco and even worked around the Bay Area after for a bit. However, he eventually moved to Southern California, and on […]

Fulfilling Careers – Now an Oxymoron? Not with Minimalism!

I recently read this interesting article (original here) from Naked Capitalism, or should I say salvaged from their liberal rants against banksters. The key is that we are wealthier as a species than ever before, but everyone is still so stressed, busy, and unsatisfied with life in general. The reason, the article claims, is that capitalism […]

India and Thailand 2013 – A Time of Malaria

I got into Chiang Mai in the late morning and stumbled out of the station, bidding my farewell to A and B. Consulting my Triposo map of the city (Google Maps was blocked by the government from saving offline maps of sensitive areas such as Chiang Mai) showed me that I was on the complete […]

Quirks About the Midwest

Having spent 4 years in the Midwest, I have some vivid memories of some quirks of the people there (as an impartial outside observer), ranging from the bizarre to the merely confusing. People are remarkably insular. This I think is due to growing up with the same group of people from grade school on. There’s […]

A Thought

Women take it quite hard when they offer sex (outside of soliciting) and are rejected. I wonder if men take it similarly hard when they offer commitment and are turned down for that. Just think about all the jilted guys at or before the altar thanks to the flighty feet and hearts of runaway brides […]

The Fallacy of Universal Education

The ermine strikes again, with two gripping posts on why university education is akin to “golden handcuffs” of debt for a young person starting out life. As Mark Twain said, “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education.” And that’s in the UK. The US is much worse in terms of cost […]

Being Comfortable in One’s Own Skin

One of the best ways to not fall victim to society’s dictates on how one should live/be/look is to make comparisons to people who are respected titans of the world who have “it all” but are missing that one ingredient. For example, “I’m taller than Vladimir Putin, the manliest man in the world, and that’s […]