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Refugees and Wealth Babies, Yikes!

The Syrian crisis has left indelible scars on an entire nation. The refugee crisis is the most profound aspect of it. Not only are children uprooted, scarred, and thrown into the midst of war, but they are also adding pressures in nearby nations. This great article describes how they are overwhelming neighbouring Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, […]

Impending Revolutions

Are economic crises better for the rich or the poor. It seems that bubbles get blown where historically the rich have mostly participated in speculating, and the subsequent deflation and loss of wealth fell most heavily on them. However, government policy in the wake of the most recent crises has been to blow more asset […]

Immigrants, Race, and Language – A Perfect Trifecta

What a day for controversial news topics! First, it’s common for certain languages to fade from use as immigrants assimilate. I had thought that the process would be more difficult now that media is more easily available from immigrants’ home countries, but perhaps the US is just “exceptional” in integration. This story about Hispanics losing […]

Expose: Annie Walker’s Boyfriends

Covert Affairs is my most recent addiction, which I picked up on the plane ride (thanks, United) to and from Thailand. It’s making for a good watch while I wait for Castle to start up again in the fall. Oh, and there’s Game of Thrones next year, Sherlock, Veronica Mars movie, Ender’s Game movie, and […]