Tales From the Successful

Lest you think that the Occupy movement actually does represent the 99%, every so often I run into a financial blogger who introduces me to someone who’s got it made in life because he put his head down, worked hard, and saved.

Here is MMM’s story about how he saved after starting his working life and ended up with enough after 9 years to quit working and live off his investment proceeds.

Lacking a high-paying skill that can net you 6 figures in the states, you could always go expat and earn money working in the oil fields in Saudi Arabia. Aramco has its own company gated compounds that bundle schools, houses, work sites, shopping malls, and beaches. Salary is not bad, and is provided tax free along with accommodations, private schools for your kids, and yearly plane tickets to wherever.

And if nothing is working out for you, you can always start up a crazy internet business that is borderline illegal and contributes absolutely nothing to productive society.

In the end, what is essential though is to save the cash flow. Don’t be like this Australian, who has earned 1 million but forgot to save any of it. Ironic thing is the article reveals that people are writing in from all over the world, and the US presumably, but those same people probably wouldn’t like immigrants (be they Latino, East Asian, or South Asian) moving to their country to find work.

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