Techie’s Paradise Playground

I’ve blogged on this topic many times in the past. The Bay Area is turning more and more into a haven for techies and no other. The high wages and venture money sloshing around has driven the area into a frenzy. Real estate prices have shot through the roof. World class restaurants are springing up everywhere. And all around the techies sit in their walled off world. Be it at Starbucks or any fair trade coffee shop, they are recognizable by their earbuds, laptops, and mind in the cloud (hyperbole or er… virtual).

It’s a shame that the area doesn’t have room for anyone else anymore. Gone are the ethnic minorities and middle class, driven out by the sky high cost of living. The janitorial and other service staff that support the techies commute all the way from Tracy or Stockton. In the blink of an eye, the Bay has been transformed from a cosmopolitan place to an almost unrecognizable playground for the wealthy. It has transformed into Manhattan, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, or Singapore, only on a much larger geographic scale.

Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live and work there again.

One response to “Techie’s Paradise Playground”

  1. Mary

    I read your blog post and then happened to stumble on this article´╝Ü

    housing solution fix for the pay area? (don’t think I could do it!)

    Oh man those rent prices are exorbitant! I can’t believe people are paying 7k-11k a month to rent a home in the bay area.