Me and Older Women

Strangely, I’ve always received significant attention and compliments from (usually married) older women. That happened again today. I gave a progress report to an administrator and a fellow admin in the room said to me after I had finished, “Wow, technology, art, poetry, and med school. Do you clean as well? You’d make a great husband.” As flattering as it is, I’m still quite puzzled by it.

The same thing happens when I’m getting to know a girl around my own age (not usually romantically on my part). She’s usually quite nonchalant while her parents go crazy and gush about me to her all the time. A previous girlfriend explained this effect as due to younger girls being more attracted to “flashy” guys but mature over time (apparently I need to drive hot cars, wear a leather jacket, tight jeans, shades, and dye my hair purple). I’m not sure about that line of reasoning, but if it is true, those girls should definitely read this.

Hmm… since I’m not into courtship displays, perhaps I should try this “sneak mating” technique. =P