Women’s Status in China

This afternoon, I had a mini conversation with Katy about the role of women. One question that struck me was where in the world offers the best opportunities for women today. Granted, there are a mix of factors: do you want freedom, equality, and protected rights or do you want to be taken care of?

Overall, for a good mix of economic opportunity, unbiased treatment by society, in work, and ┬áby others, it’s hard to find a place better than China. This might come as a surprise to most westerners, for whom China is still a place where feet are bound and women are suppressed. Rather, women have more power in life and relationships than Scandinavia. Women usually manage the expenditure of the household. The story is that men work and hand their paychecks to their wife at the end of each week. Walking around Shanghai will convince anyone that women are loud, assertive, confident, career-focused, and single. As opposed to the Midwest, there is less pressure to settle down, marry, drop out of the work force, and have children. Of course, that pathway is still available, but there is just so much *choice* in how you structure your life.