Stanley Cup Playoffs (Conference Finals) Predictions

Still better predicting the West (got the teams and the # of games right) than the East (wrong). Oh well… comes from watching more Western Conference hockey.

(1) Canucks vs (2) Sharks: Sharks in 6. Vancouver is overrated. They have a solid D-corps, I’ll admit that, but they really have only 2 forward lines of note. If the Sedins can be shut down by a good checking line, there’s not much left outside of speedy forwards who camp out at the red line for a breakaway. Injuries will be a concern. If one of Vancouver’s D is knocked out, it’ll change the complexion of the series. Likewise if Ryane Clowe is not ready to go.

(3) Boston vs (5) Lightning: Boston in 5. I like Boston to come out of the East. They have the most balance up and down their lineup: hot goalie, solid D, and opportunistic forwards.