rajiv govindjee

Hi! My website is currently under heavy construction, but feel free to take a look around.

I'm a third-year student at the University of California, Berkeley. I'm double majoring in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering; my interests are mostly in robotics, controls, and embedded systems, with applications in aerospace.

Outside of class, I serve as Operations Lead and Safety Officer for my club, Cal Space Technologies and Rocketry; I also work on design and manufacturing for our Payload, Avionics, and Propulsion subteams. You can check out our work here!

Last summer, I had the opportunity to intern in the Flight Controls group at Boeing up in the Seattle area. Most of my work centered on sensors and actuation of the high lift system.

I am currently (Jan. - Aug. 2020) an intern at Apple in Cupertino, working on iPhone electronics hardware.

If you'd like to know more about me, you can find my resume here or send me a message at rgovindjee 'at' berkeley.edu; I also have a LinkedIn!


nasa student launch

Autonomous rover for NASA Student Launch. Requirements were that it autonomously deployed on the ground after the rocket landed, drove 5 ft, and deployed a set of solar panels.
Sub-scale rover for testing
Milled polycarbonate skids to stabilize rover on movement
3D Printed brackets for mounting Yagi antenna elements. Yagi communicated with a radio board in the rocket.

tart autonomously roams terrain (tart)

TART is a semi-autonomous quadrupedal robot that sends back environmental sensor data to operators via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Robot motion is controlled with keypresses, which are sent over BLE to switch gaits.
Overhead view of TART's electronics
TART sitting to get his food
TART eating a tasty bowl of brass sponge

iris records information via sensors (iris)

IRIS is a sensing payload designed to be flown in high-power rockets. IRIS senses barometric pressure, acceleration, angular velocity, absolute orientation, temperature, pressure, humidity, and more, and stores data to non-volatile memory.
IRIS v2 board with solder paste and LGA / QFN components
IRIS v2 integrated payload CAD
IRIS v2 integrated payload, assembled with printed case
Assembled IRIS v1 board


Wrapped thrust chamber for IREC. Tubing runs kerosene around the thrust chamber for regenerative cooling
NAR Level 1 certification rocket on the pad. Modified fiberglass kit from Madcow Rocketry, flying on an I-140W motor. Recovery system was a 48 in. Rocketman parachute deployed with motor ejection.
Successful recovery of my L1 cert rocket at Snow Ranch (near Stockton, CA).


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