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EPS 118 (Spring 2011)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
11 50 51 20 73

Comment: Brimhall is a very old-fashioned professor in some important ways. If he likes you as a person, he'll like you as a student. If he doesn't like you as a person, good luck in one of his classes. That said, he doesn't believe in tests, preferring long term papers which, though they're a lot of work, are infinitely less stressful (in my opinion) than a final exam. He loves what he teaches, but is prone to giving students details of information which are sometimes outright wrong if they are not about an area in which he has expertise. Correcting him is...don't do it. He'll hold it against you. So...yeah. Overall, the class was awesome, but...suck up as much as you can. If you drop details from the reading in the field, you'll have him in your pocket. If you act in ways he doesn't like, be prepared for a shitty time. If you find yourself on his bad side like I did, and try to work things out, you've got to let him stomp on your heart before any reconciliation will be found. Literally. I liked him, learned to hate him, and had a good time in the class thanks to the kids. I still have a strong dislike for him because of how he treated me, but...if you're considering taking 118, you're a geology major, and you've got to take the class. Good luck.

EPS 170AC (Fall 2009)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
65 58 59 59 65

Comment: George was definitely excited about the subject, but still seemed to put me to sleep during lecture. Only 1 midterm made the class easier, yet the end of semester project was quite demanding. Fun field trip as well. The class requires a lot of time, but much of the information is quite interesting