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CIV ENG 121 (Spring 2014)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
95 100 94 100 100

Comment: Professor Filippou cares about his students a lot and is very enthusiastic about teaching. His homework often take a long time to do but is really helpful in preparing for his exams. The exams are mostly based on homework and quite fair. He is also very helpful during office hours. However it may be hard to follow through his examples in class since there is a lot of algebra and for me I just got sleepy. Fortunately the his examples and lectures are all from his reader which is really well-made.

CIV ENG 121 (Spring 2013)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
95 90 92 90 100

Comment: Professor Pilippou has a very loud voice, which can be scary sometimes. However, he is actually very kind and very helpful during both lectures and OHs. He loves what he teach and wishes us to develop the same "sense to structure" as he did. He wrote a book for this class and his lecture slides were also well organized. His MTs and final were predictable (You will definitely know what to expect if you did the homework and practice exams) and fair (You well need to be able to solve the problem within time constrain with certain accuracy). Since this is actually a required course if you want to study structural in graduate school, you have to take it with professor Filippou because he is the only instructor of course. But I believe you will enjoy this class! By the way, you can actually take CE120 and CE 121 together because they did not have so many overlaps (one deal with determinate structure and the other one deal with indeterminate structure). I took these two class together in my sophomore year and the results works out very great!

CIV ENG 121 (Spring 2011)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
100 96 93 100 100

Comment: Excellent teacher, very clear with what he wants you to learn and really drives home his points. Assignments can be difficult and time consuming. Definitely be sure to be very NEAT as one mistake will cost you a very long time as you search for the reason it's not working. Exams are difficult, though not impossible. Be sure to know what he emphasizes in class and there are old exams at the back of his reader. Do as many of those as possible as very similar questions will show up on your midterm/final (with a different structure, of course). Overall, one of the best professors I've had at Cal. I really enjoyed his "Structure of the Day," so if he stops doing that, ask him to do so.