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ECON C102 (Fall 2011)

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64 0 0 30 34

ENVECON 162 (Spring 2012)

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93 100 95 100 70

Comment: I took this class for a cluster for stat, so I have almost "0" econ experience. The hardest part for me is to understand all the basic econ concept which has frequently used in this upper level econ lecture. Besides this, you learn almost everything in the lecture, and strength your knowledge in DIS section. Lecture is not easy, but really fun. If you interested in water field, this is the course you really need consider Sunding's 162 (You will read a lot of his paper, and he involved in a lot of CA water project which you need to learn in this course ). Water is really a Professor Sunding's field (that is what he famous for). The lecture is really clear and organized very well. The other hard part is the readings, some papers are really published for professionals. Sunding said some of papers are hard for his graduate students as well. One Midterm (25%) + One term paper (25%)+ one Excel optimization take home (5%) + Final (45%). Overall the test is hard (at least for me, maybe because I haven't take any econ class before), but the grading is very fair. After this class, you will have a general impression of U.S. water economy especially in CA.