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POL SCI 112A (Fall 2012)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
71 44 75 43 71

Comment: I thought that Professor Hoekstra was a good professor because he wanted to learn all students names. My review is more towards the class as whole. It should have been smaller and better structured. Lectures and discussion sections were identical so you did not learn much. You spend the lecture going over the reading but you only get into a few pages of it so it feels like a waste of time. Your grade is based off of papers that you do at home, so you could not read and write the paper later if you needed. If you are looking to be seriously intellectually pushed I would considered another class. However, I will be looking for a class with professor Hoekstra again because he was very thoughtful and engaged. I would give this class a B- overall (and that is because his enthusiasm skews it)

POL SCI 112A (Fall 2009)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
86 90 91 72 91

Comment: Discussion based class, no real lectures. Attendance is required. GSI does all the grading, and my GSI was good. No quizzes or finals, just 3 papers. Grading was fair and GSI was very helpful. Never approached the professor himself, much of the time I was just referred to the GSI. But he's a very interesting and really pushes the material.