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HISTART 100 (Fall 2013)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
81 34 39 51 70

Comment: Very difficult course. A LOT of reading. Your grade depends on one midterm, two papers and section attendance. He is so intelligent and really cares about the subject, but his lectures could also be very boring (subject matter, not him.) He is a delightful person and has a wonderful sense of humor! The material is dense and to really understand it, you have to put in a lot of time and effort.

HISTART 100 (Fall 2011)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
94 68 70 50 100

Comment: Very intellectual man...can't help sometimes but to sit in awe in lecture. Very enthusiastic about his subject. His vocabulary sometimes makes the already difficult material even more dense, subtle, and hard to grasp. Sometimes rambley and disorganized. A LOT of reading. Class is extremely different from other art history classes in material and presentation.