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EPS 102 (Spring 2015)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
59 23 69 36 79

Comment: 102 felt like a repeat of 50, but only for certain topics. It is a good overview of the overarching concepts in Earth Science, which is why I suggest it be taken right after 50. Otherwise, it'll just be a repeat of everything you've heard before. The assignments are completely quantitative, meant to show the math behind the concepts explained in class. They are graded rather harshly, though. The midterms and final exam are graded harshly, too. However, Buffett is lenient with the final grades. He goes pretty fast in class, and his PowerPoints don't really have words on them, so you have to take good notes to do well on the exams.

EPS 102 (Spring 2013)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
46 50 41 24 62

Comment: Buffett is a very nice guy and has a good sense of humor. However, he's not a good professor. He teaches using powerpoint slides, and the problem with them is that he puts mainly pictures and not words. He talks quickly in lecture, so by the time you've jotted down information on one thing, he's already finished another. Attending lecture is necessary if you want all of the information that he'll test on, which is sometimes random and glanced over in lecture and on the slides. The assignments weren't too bad, but the grading was unclear (docked points sometimes with no explanation), and the contribution to the course grade was disproportionate (40% assignment with 5 total mean 8% each, while midterms were 10% each). Assignments are quantitative (although it's usually just plug and chug with equations), and exams are qualitative. He gives you sample questions before the midterms, but most of the midterm questions don't come from that bank. The final paper/presentation seemed unnecessary and it seemed like we had to do it because the course ran out of information to cover. You have to write a 5 page paper and give a 5 minute presentation for 15% of the grade. I don't think Buffett or the GSI ever established office hours, which is a pretty big issue with the course. I didn't really get much out of the course because it's basically just a redo of 50 but going more in depth. In my opinion, the course needs an overhaul (like focusing more on quantitative material).