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SPANISH 24 (Fall 2014)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
97 94 88 76 73

Comment: I like to describe this class as a linguistics class about Spanish taught in English. First of all, the classroom is a big table with about 15 chairs around it, so every class felt to me like a conversation about linguistics around a really big dining table. Azevedo is a very respectable man with heaps of linguistic experience. The man is a Brazilian linguist who loves Spanish and speaks English with a British accent thanks to the English school in which he studied. He likes to think of himself as a moderator of conversation in this seminar since much of the class relies on participation and contribution from students. The class does NOT require you to speak Spanish in front of the class but reading comprehension IS essential as some reading assignments are in Spanish. The class is based off a reader and weekly readings + homework only amass to about an hour a week. This class really doesn’t require a very big commitment and if you’re interested in learning about bilingualism, code-switching, literary nonsense, and accents, I high recommend this class!

SPANISH 24 (Spring 2012)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
91 88 100 88 89

Comment: This was a really great class. I learned a lot about languages in general, and more about how people think or why they say what they say. Really interesting and good class. Homework was pretty easy, required every week, but he wasn't too hard of a grader.

SPANISH 24 (Spring 2008)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
93 84 75 70 85

Comment: A really interesting class and M. Azevedo really knows his stuff and has a lot of linguistic experience. This class is all based on students' own experience and that makes it most interesting – especially if the other people in the class are also interesting. Mine was a quiet class, but M. Azevedo still managed to coax everyone to talk. That said, there is relatively large amount of homework for a course worth only 1 unit.

SPANISH 168 (Fall 2011)

Overall Assignments Exams Helpfulness Enthusiasm
97 95 86 96 93