Outreach for Berkeley Kitchen – Summer


Do you enjoy cooking? Or helping underserved populations? Berkeley’s Kitchen does!

Berkeley’s kitchen is a not-for-profit organization that promotes diverse, ethnic cuisines in the Berkeley community. All proceeds from their clinics (which range from food tastings to professional chefs teaching you how to cook) will go to SPROUT for Success, a charity for low-income immigrants in the Bay Area and around the world.

They are also in the works of starting their own restaurant! They will serve ethnic foods using all-natural, locally bought GREEN ingredients.

Their clinics during the summer:

  • June 7th at 3 pm—Meridian International. Learn to Sous vide meats with a professional chef. Sous vide is a gourmet method of slow-cooking meats to help meats retain their shape and add an exquisite flavor.
  • June 21st at 11 am—Cook Carne Asada with two aspiring chefs from Mexico.
  • July 26th at 11 am—Make Pakistani pizzas with Tandor Kitchen!

Their website is www.berkeleyskitchen.com and and they also have a facebook group for those who are interested!

For more information email cristina@berkeleyskitchen.com.

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