9/1: Improv Story Time!

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At our 9/1 Kickoff Meeting, Rotaractors passed around sheets of papers for improv story time!  Each participating Rotaractor added something new and different to the page–either contributing a line to the story or a piece of the picture.  In the end, each page tells a story–some funny, some cute, some awkward.

Check out our creativity! And thanks to all those who participated in our little fun!


In the hallway, one Tuesday evening, one hundred or so students and random community members waiting outside a room double-booked…when all of a sudden…an earthquake causes all the windows to shatter.  Everyone ducks, and a monster charges through.  His name is…Tim.  And he’s misunderstood.


Once upon a time, little Billy found he had the magic power to turn people inside out any time he sneezed.  The first person he turned inside out was his goldfish, Mae.  it was an accident.  The second was his sister, Sarah.  Not an accident.  So he went to school and hunted people down.  But before he could do anything, he died because of a stroke, but somehow he had an erection and woke up like Jesus’ resurrection.  He was a zombie, looked like a skeleton like those white girls at abercrombie.

To be continued.


Once upon a time Billy accidentally burned down a national forest.  He was cased by the park rangers who voewed to kill him.  He fell down a hole and broke his leg, but thank god he found a key.  He started drinking and in his seat, he started sinking but after this day, he started thinking about a day to escape out.  Without a doubt, he found a way to get away to the bay.  Meanwhile, the park rangers acting .. They lost Billy’s track, but now was his turn to be on attack because those rangers’ brains are wack.  Oh wait… he broke his leg, this story doesn’t make sense but that’s okay.  Just listen to what Billy’s got to say.


Once upon a time little Billy decided to eat the dead raccoon he found in the road.  Then he collapsed in the middle of the road and a truck was approaching.  Fortunately, the raccoon he ate was radioactive, so little Billy transformed into Big Billy.  In addition to being humongous, he developed super powers which allowed the truck to crash into him leaving him unscathed.  Poor truck driver.  Well…Big Billy was once an innocent and curious kid.  He was only 4 when his parents died in a car accident in the countryside.  He wants to revenge their death.  And as a giant, he becomes…the silent assassin who secretly lurks the halls of Dwinelle where the Rotaract officers go to class.

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