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Berkeley Rotary is donating hundreds of dictionaries to all the 3rd graders in our local elementary schools. They are looking for help in delivering these dictionaries to these children. What you would do is help carry these dictionaries to these schools and give a little speech about what Rotary is and why they are doing this for the children. The schedule for deliveries is as follows:

  • Malcolm X,      Friday, September 25 arrive 10 AM, 1731 Prince Street, Berkeley

  • Washington,       Tuesday, September 29 arrive 9:30 AM. 2300 Martin Luther King Jr. Way,

  • LeConte,      Wednesday, September 30 arrive 10 AM. 2241 Russell

  • John Muir,      Thursday, October 1 arrive library 9:45 AM

  • Oxford,      Friday, October 2, arrive library by 8:30 AM, 1130 Oxford Street

  • Jefferson,      Friday, October 2, arrive library by 9:55 AM, 1400 Ada Street

  • Thousand Oaks,       Tuesday, October 6, arrive library by 8:15 AM, 840 Colusa Avenue

  • Rosa Parks,      Monday, October 5, arrive library by 11:15 AM, 920 Allston Way

  • Berkeley Arts Magnet,      arrive auditorium by 9:15 AM, 2015 Virginia Street

  • Cragmont,       Friday, October 9, arrive library by 9:45 AM, 830 Regal Road

  • Emerson,       Friday, October 9, arrive 1:15 PM, 2800 Forest Avenue Cragmont

If you want to help out with any of these deliveries, contact to get more information and details on the specific delivery process for your school.

Also, please contact any of the Rotaract officers or email with any specific questions about the event or general inquiries about our club.

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