OCT 20 | 3rd General Meeting | 179 Mulford


Yet another very special Rotaract meeting is coming up! October is almost done and Halloween nears. We have lots of events planned and you can still trick-or-treat for candy!

NOTE the time change from last meeting! (below)

The word of the day is….”MORE” because at our meeting there will be:

  • MORE events: WAPI Build Day, Pimp Yo’ Pumpkin, YMCA Halloween carnival, Habitot’s Day of the Dead, and MORE
  • MORE updates: BP Day, District Conference, Polio Plus Purplepalooza
  • MORE fun!!
  • MORE thanks to you guys for coming to our events and changing the world one bit at a time. =)


  • WHEN: October 20, 7-8pm
  • WHEN: 179 Mulford

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