Spring 2010: Newsletter #1

Hello Rotaractors!

First of all, thank you to everybody who came to our First General Meeting! I hope you all enjoyed your free pieces of pie! Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 16, so mark your calendars! We will update you with the time and location at a later date.


Quick Glance

I. How to Sign Up for Events/Meetings

II. Upcoming Committee Meetings & Events

III. Recap on Committees


V. Reminder: Joining the Club/Club Fees/Questions?


I. How To Sign Up for Events

This semester, we have a new sign-up process! When you read our upcoming events (below), you will see the details for an event as well as the contact information. Beginning this semester, we will be adding a link to our event page, which is where you’ll sign up.

1. Click on the event link under event description. Once you reach the event page, you should see “Signups for [Event, Date].”

2. Look for your name on the Dropdown menu. If your name is not on the list, click “[Not on List] and enter your first and last name. Also enter your email and phone number, and click on “Add to List” to sign-up for the event or “Remove from List” to remove yourself from the sign-up list.

Pretty easy, right? If you have any questions, please contact our webmaster William at wmok@calrotaract.org.



Wed Feb. 3 | International Service Committee Meeting | 8PM-9PM | 105 Dwinelle

Come meet Sophia and Richard at Cal Rotaract’s first International Service Committee meeting of the semester! People who attend will learn about how to get involved, eat delicious snacks, and find about our upcoming WAPI building day. Questions? Please contact Sophia or Richard at swang@calrotaract.org or rlan@calrotaract.org.

Event Link: http://calrotaract.org/?p=2085

(Please ignore signups for this meeting and just come if you’re interested!)

Sat Feb. 6 | WAPI Build Day |  11AM -3PM | 2040 VLSB

WAPI’s or WAter Pasteurization indicators are simple, low costs devices that help users determine when water has reached pasteurization temperatures. It’s basically a simple plastic tube filled with wax that costs us about 30cents yet saves lives, but more importantly, resources in developing countries. Join us on Feb 6 to reach our goal of 1000 WAPIS so that EVERYONE can enjoy safe water without wasting energy and money. Questions? Please contact Sophia or Richard at swang@calrotaract.org orrlan@calrotaract.org.

Event Link: http://calrotaract.org/?p=2249

Wed Feb. 10 | Ambassadorial Scholarship Infosession |  7PM-9PM |  175 Barrows

Like travelling? Like Scholarships? How about both! Come to the infosession to learn more about the Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship. Questions? Please contact Ruben or Sarah at prodev@calrotaract.org.

Event Link: http://calrotaract.org/?p=2266

Thurs Feb. 11 | International Service Committee Meeting | 7PM-8PM | 221 Wheeler

This will be a continuation of the International Service Committee Meetings. If you weren’t able to make it to the first meeting, then you can always come to this one! Questions? Please contact Sophia or Richard at swang@calrotaract.org or rlan@calrotaract.org.

Event Link: Currently unavailable.

Wed Feb. 19 | Relay for Life Movie Night |  6PM-9PM |  TBA

Come to help fundraise for our Relay for Life Team! Learn more about the cause and enjoy a film while you’re at it. Questions? Please contact Vicky or Will at vlai@calrotaract.org or wzhang@calrotaract.org.



Are you interested in becoming actively working on committees and gaining leadership experience? Here’s a recap on the different committees!

Act for Sight Committee: Work with local Bay Area optometrists & clinics to collect used glasses to be shipped to rural communities in Guatemala. Meetings TBA.

International Service Committee: Focus on events for Haiti Relief as well as other specific local projects in the international community. Meeting TONIGHT at 105 Dwinelle from 8-9PM.

Local Service Committee: Education, we hear your call! Join to get involved in educational projects around Berkeley. Meetings TBA.

Relay for Life TEAM: Our Relay for Life Team fundraises money for cancer research a treatment. Meetings TBA.



For those of you who are still unsure about joining Cal Rotaract, here are some key points to remember as to why we’re different from every other community service club out there!

-We have a strong repertoire of international service

-We offer professional development (i.e. resume building, interview practice, public speaking, event planning, and more!)

-We allow direct participation through our various committees.

-We are working on an online Service Hour tracking system so that you can keep track of your own hours.

-We reward members for active participation!



To join the club, please come to our meetings and fill out sign up slips for our events. Active members are asked to attend at leastTWO events per semester and pay dues of $10/year OR $7/semester. Rotaractors will receive a FREE T-shirt, Pin, and many other cool things. Dues can be paid after the meeting or at our table. We also table on weekdays from 10AM-2PM.


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@calrotaract.org.

Yours in service,
Cal Rotaract Board of Officers

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/calrotaract
Facebook: http://bit.ly/LUWQ7

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