Ice Dance of the Freds and Gustaves: Skating in Oakland

Come ice skating at the Oakland Ice Center Saturday April 24th (after BORP)! No experience necessary – only enthusiasm and a willingness to get out there and dance on water [; (its frozen don’t worry)!

Meet: Bus Stop @ Durant & Dana at 6:15pm (sharp!) Bus leaves at 6:30pm!!!
Arrive: Broadway & 19th Street, Oakland at 7:00pm (near Oakland Ice Center)

Ice Skating: walk back to ice rink for an hour or so of ice skating!

Dinner: Caribbean anyone? Ma’s Caribbean Food is just around corner, suppose to be yummy! We can look for other places too, there are many around!

Bring $11 for ice skating. Variable pricing for dinner – depends where we decide to go![Event_Registration_Single id=”86″]

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