Berkeley Project 2010 with CalRotaract

PLEASE REGISTER BY TOMORROW 10/10/10 Sat. November 6th |

8:00AM-3:00 PM | Memorial Glade & City of Berkeley

The Berkeley Project aims at building a legacy of service and a strong, sustainable partnership between Cal Students and the Berkeley Community. Each year, thousands of Berkeley students from campus unite on one day and work positively impacting the community through a network of service projects. Here is your chance to help out

Come join CAL ROTARACT and 2000 other Berkeley students and participate in Cal’s BIGGEST community service event! With OVER 50 work sites, partner with Cal Rotaract to truly leave an impact on the Berkeley community, creating a positive relationship with the Berkeley residents and businesses. Last year, Cal Rotaract was the largest community service group present at Berkeley Project Day 2009 so lets continue to show our strong dedication to service incorporation with the rest of the UCB student body this year as well.

Don’t miss this chance to leave a lasting impact on your college community and participate in this amazing service project!

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