Rotaract Family Tournament Part II: Basketball

Come out to the second part of the Rotaract Family Tournament!
Winners, continue and try to advance toward the crown! Losers, time to show the other families you’re not weak!
This weekend’s sport will be Basketball! We will have 5 people teams on each side, playing for about 40 minutes. With 4 quarters and halftime breaks.

It’s going to be a long game, and that’s why we need everyone from each family to show up! Without you guys, your family members will run out of gas soon!

Round schedules:
2 – 3 PM: Hirams vs. Silvesters
3 – 4 PM: Axels vs Gustaves
4 – 5 PM: Freds vs Pauls

Tournament schedule for the rest of the year:
Round 3 Nov 13: Lan Party
Final Round Dec 4: Soccer!!

See you all on court!! It’s going Down!!![Event_Registration_Single id=”115″]

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