Oct.25-29| Bone Marrow Drive @ 10AM-4PM

Thousands of people each year will require a bone marrow transplant as a treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, cancer, and other disorders. Only 25% of these people will find a match within their family.

The National Bone Marrow Registry is an organization for which people can register for being potential life-saving donors for these patients.

Six thousand terminally ill people are waiting everyday for a bone marrow transplant. The average odds of finding a donor for a particular patient are 1 in 20,000.The odds are significantly worse for patients of minority or unique heritage.

While most people are ready to donate things like blood in a quick and painless procedure, dramatized television shows and misrepresented advertising has decreased the pool of registered applicants for marrow, so there is even less of a chance to find a match.

The UC Berkeley Rotaract National Committee holds an annual drive to register young men and women to donate their blood marrow.

Come out and join the registry or to learn more!

Sign up to volunteer here: Bone Marrow Volunteer Shifts


Monday Oct 25- Upper Sproul (10AM-4PM)

Tuesday Oct 26- Memorial Glade (10AM-4PM)

Wednesday Oct 27- Memorial Glade (10AM-4PM)

Thursday Oct 28- Memorial Glade (10AM-4PM)

Friday Oct 29- Upper Sproul (10AM-4PM)

Be The One To Save A Life.

Questions? Email the Cal Rotaract National Committee at national@calrotaract.org

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