Rotaract Newsletter #3 Fall 2010

Hello Rotaractors!
Thank you to everyone who came last night! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Nov. 2 for our 4th General Meeting! We will be giving the incentive rewards (pins, toothpick holders, lanyards) to members for their participation and announcing member of the month!


I. Announcements
II. Bone Marrow Drive!
III. Upcoming Events

I. Announcements
As announced during our meetings, our fees have been raised to $22 for a year (with t-shirt) or $14 for a semester (without t-shirt). We also ask that members fill out our membership application (available online at which will also be available at our table on Sproul Plaza. Please turn it in to us either at our meetings or at our table (MTuW 9AM-2PM) with your dues.
Unfortunately, the Noe Valley Halloween Party for Kids that was set for Sunday, Oct 24 has been canceled. Fortunately, we have many other Halloween-related events coming up, so definitely check it out below!
II. Bone Marrow Drive, Oct. 25-29 @10AM-4PM
Thousands of people each year require a bone marrow transplant as treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, cancer and other disorders. Only 25% of these people will find a match within their family.

The National Bone Marrow Registry is an organization for which people can register for being potential life-saving donors for these patients.

Six thousand terminally ill people are waiting everyday for a bone marrow transplant. The average odds of finding a donor for a particular patient is 1 in 20,000. The odds are significantly worse for patients of minority or unique heritage.

While most people are ready to donate things like blood in a quick and painless procedure, dramatized television shows and misrepresented advertising has decreased the pool of registered applicants for marrow, so there is even less of a chance to find a match.

The UC Berkeley Rotaract National Committee will be holding an annual drive to register young men and women to donate their bone marrow.

Mon. Oct. 25- Upper Sproul (10AM-4PM)
Tues. Oct. 26- Memorial Glade (10AM-4PM)
Wed. Oct. 27- Memorial Glade (10AM-4PM)
Thurs. Oct. 28- Memorial Glade (10AM-4PM)
Fri. Oct 29- Upper Sproul (10AM-4PM)

Be the One to Save a Life. QUESTIONS? Want to help out & volunteer? Email the National Committee at
Event Link:

III. Upcoming Events

Thurs. Oct. 21 | International Committee Movie Night | 8PM-10PM | 160 Dwinelle
International Committee is holding an Inter-Committee Movie Social and Fundraising Night! The movie will be Despicable Me (subject to change due to availability) and the cost for entrance is $1. All proceeds go to Vitamin Angel, a non-profit organization, which International Committee will be working with this semester. All committee members are highly encouraged to attend. All Rotaractors are welcome! QUESTIONS? Please email International Committee (
Event Link:

Fri. Oct. 22 | Dictionary Giveaway | 12:15PM | Jefferson Elementary, 1400 Ada Street
Rotarians will be going to elementary schools in the BUSD to give 3rd graders free dictionaries, and welcome Rotaractors to join them! Members can sign up by emailing Pamela at Following confirmation, a lesson plan and assignment will be provided. All presentations will be in the school libraries following sign-up in the school office. QUESTIONS? Please email Local Committee (

Sat. Oct. 23 | Rotaract Family Tournament Part II: Basketball | 2-5PM | RSF (meet in front!)
Come out to the second part of the Rotaract Family Tournament! Winners, continue and try to advance toward the crown. Losers, time to show the other families that you’re not weak! This weekend’s sport will be basketball. We will have 5 people teams on each side, playing for ~40 minutes with 4 quarters and halftime breaks. It’s going to be a long game, and that’s why we need everyone from each family to show up! Without you guys, your family members will run out of gas! QUESTIONS? Contact your family parents for more information.
Event Link:

Sat Oct. 23 | Date Auction Night | 7:30PM-9:30PM | 155 Dwinelle
Come out and support this fundraiser for the Bone Marrow Drive! Officers from Cal Rotaract and other clubs around campus will be auctioned off as dates. $1 entry donation. QUESTIONS? Please email National Committee (
Event Link:

Thurs. Oct. 28 | Halloween Trick-or-Treating with Emerson Elementary | 3:30-5PM | Emerson Elementary, then Frat Row
Come help supervise Emerson Elementary students over to the Greeks as they trick-or-treat! QUESTIONS? Please email Local Committee (
Event Link:

Fri. Oct. 29 | Bone Marrow Poker Tournament | 5PM-9PM | Tilden Room (5th Floor MLK)
National Committee is proud to present the Bone Marrow Poker Tournament Fundraiser! Come enjoy company from your fellow Rotaractors as you raise money for the bone marrow drive! 1st place prize: PS3, 2nd place prize: $50 Amex Gift Card. Pre-buy in: $12, Buy-in: $15, Late Registration: $20, Rebuy: $10. Drinks (non-alcoholic) will be provided for the players. All proceeds go to benefit the Bone Marrow Drive!
Event Link:

Sat. Oct. 30 | LeConte Elementary School Halloween Carnival | 10AM-3PM | 2241 Russell Street
Come out and make this Halloween memorable for the students of LeConte Elementary School! There will be games, music, face painting, and plenty of Halloween-themed booths. Come to any shift you would like to participate in! 10AM-12PM: Set Up; 12-2PM: Event; 2-3PM: Clean Up
Event Link:

Yours in Service,
Cal Rotaract Board of Officers |


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