Rotaract Newsletter #4 Fall 2010

Hello Rotaractors!
Thank you to everyone who came last night! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Nov. 16 for our Last General Meeting!


I. Announcements
II. Upcoming Events!
III. Ongoing Events
IV. 2011 Board Officer Applications


Congratulations to the Families of the Month!
September: Hirams
October: Axels

Congratulations to the Members of the Month!
September: Stephanie Chan (Hirams), Stacie Vance (Hirams), Nghia Tran (Freds), Andy Chen (Freds)
October: Laney Luong (Axels), Marina Liang (Axels)

Vote for us in the SnapShot Scholar Contest!
If we win this, we can win up to $6000 for Rotaract which will go towards one of our projects! We are currently at 13th place!!

II. Upcoming Events

Wed. Nov. 10 | Dinner with a Rotarian: BioTech | 7:30PM-9PM | TBA
Come enjoy a small, intimate dinner with Rotarian Sachin Joshi, who is a professional in the Bio Tech field. This is your chance to ask questions about a career field of interest to you and just about being a working individual in general. A native of India, Sachin is a new member to Rotary and can share the perspective of an international young working professional in the bio tech field. Space is limited to the first 10 people to sign up on the website so do ASAP if you want to attend! Participation is limited to paid members only. QUESTIONS? Please email the Professional Development Directors at
Event Link:

Thurs. Nov. 11 | DYI Stuffed Animals | 2PM-4PM | One of the Unit 1 Main Lounges
Come out to make stuffed animals with us that will go to mothers and their children! Bring your creativity and any supplies/templates/stencils that you would like to share. Screening of “Smile Pinki” (the movie) and baked goods will be provided. QUESTIONS? Please email International Committee (
Event Link:

Thurs. Nov. 11 | Bone Marrow Part II | 5PM-9PM | One of the Unit 1 Main Lounges
Cal Rotaract’s National Committee is working with Be the Match, the National Marrow Donor Program, again! Our drive will be held in one of the main lounges in Unit 1 from 5-8pm. Root beer floats will be given out to the first 100 marrow registrants. We will also have games to attract potential registrants.At 8pm, we will have a pizza party for all the volunteers including the ones that came out help out on Upper Sproul on the week of 10/26. QUESTIONS? Please email National Committee (
Event Link:

Sat Nov. 13 | WAPI Building Day | 10AM-2PM | TBA
Water Pasteurization Indicators are simple, low costs devices that help users determine when water has reached pasteurization temperatures. It’s basically a simple plastic tube filled with wax that costs us about 30cents yet saves lives, but more importantly, resources in developing countries. Help CalRotaract and International Committee build WAPI’s so that EVERYONE can enjoy safe water without wasting energy and money. QUESTIONS? Please email International Committee (
Event Link:

Sat. Nov. 13 | Family Tournament: LAN Party | TBA | TBA
Come participate in a LAN tournament! Our main game will be League of Legends, but we will also have other games such as Starcraft and Mario Kart. League of Legends can be freely downloaded at the following link: QUESTIONS? Please contact the Fellowship Directors ( or your family heads.
Event Link:

Wed. Nov. 17 | Dinner with a Rotarian: Government/Public Policy/City Planner | 7:30PM-9PM | TBA
Come enjoy an intimate dinner with our very own Berkeley Rotary President Fred Collignon. A Professor at Berkeley in the Architecture department, Fred Collignon has a variety of professional backgrounds, having worked in entrepreneurial business, local city government, public policy, and city planning and consulting. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about these various fields to someone who has been very involved. He is also currently the head of Berkeley Rotary so you can ask about what Rotary, our parent club, does as well! Space is limited to the first 10 people to sign up on the website so do ASAP if you want to attend! Participation is limited to paid members only. QUESTIONS? Please email the Professional Development Directors at
Event Link:

III. Ongoing Events

ASSASSINS (Nov. 3-13)
Participate in our semi-annual club-wide event! Families will compete against each others and “assassinate” enemies! If you do not have a family, please contact the Fellowship Directors at!
Event Link (instructions/details here!):

COIN WARS (Nov. 8-10, 15-17)
Come to Rotaract Table on Upper Sproul and show your family spirit by competing in this first ever FAMILY COIN WAR! All the proceeds will go support the effort to eradicate Polio. Winning family will receive a prize! Here are the rules:
Every penny= ONE POSITIVE point
Every non-penny= ONE NEGATIVE point for each cent
i.e. Nickel= -5 points, Dollar= -100 points, 5 Dollars= -500 points.
QUESTIONS? Please contact International Committee at

IV. 2011 Board Officer Applications

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the group of people that makes everything possible, sign up! We’re looking for people who are interested in taking a more dedicated and leadership role in Rotaract. Even if you have no experience, don’t hesitate to sign up. As Executives, it is our responsibility to help you achieve the best you can be with our experiences and resources. Through this leadership opportunity, you can become more connected with the Rotaract board and the Rotary family. Furthermore, it will allow you to grow both personally and professionally. We’re looking forward to reading your application and seeing you interview.

Please follow this Google form link to fill out the information. Furthermore information on details of application process and expectations will be listed on each application.
*Feel free to look it over and sign up again even if you’ve already signed up at the meeting.

Yours in Service,
Cal Rotaract Board of Officers |


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