Feb. 8 | Family Night | 7PM | 170 Barrows

Come out to our Family Night to join a family within our Fellowship Program.
Families are a great way to meet people who share your same passion for service and bond through friendly competitions. Tournaments in the past have included basketball, volleyball, and even LAN. By joining a family, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow members at a closer, more intimate level.

The six families are: The Axels, the Freds, the Gustaves, the Hirams, the Pauls, and the Silvesters. During Family Night, you will get the chance to meet all of the family heads and decide which family is right for you!

Returning members will have the chance to rejoin the same family, or choose a new family. The Family program is a strong component of Cal Rotaract’s experience, and participation is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. We hope to see you all there!

Questions? Email Kathy at klee@calrotaract.org[Event_Registration_Single id=”171″]

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