Mar. 5 to Mar. 6 | Rotaract – Interact Stayover Outreach Program | UC Berkeley Campus

Rotaract-Interact Outreach Stay-over Program

Sat. March 5 to Sun. March 6 | UC Berkeley Campus
Come out to share your experiences with other prospective and admitted students, of the #1 Public University in the World! We will go through Tours, Q&A Panels, Activity time, and more! This is a great opportunity for those of you who LOVE Berkeley and would love to share your experience! Interactors (High school version of Rotaract) will be staying over and will hope to learn more about Berkeley in the duration of time that they’re here!
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Event Information: Prospective high school students will be coming to this highly anticipated event to hear about UC Berkeley from a student’s perspective. Students will be getting tours from UC Berkeley Rotaract members in diverse majors. They will then go through a Q&A panel with Rotaract officers ranging from 1st – 4th/5th year, and in different colleges (ex. Colleges of Letters and Science, College of Chemistry, College of Engineer, etc.) We will then participate in a hands-on build International Service Project called WAPI (Water Pasteurizer Indicators) for countries in Panama, Dominican Republic, etc. The prospective students will be assigned to specific Rotaract officers and Level 3+ members for housing, both parties will be required to sign waiver (High school students) and liability forms (Cal Students). This event has been successful for the past 4 years since it was first started. We are proud to claim a 85% yield rate through the program, which is higher than the 50% yield rate the UC Berkeley currently holds.
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