Mar. 1 | 3rd General Meeting -Theme: FAMILY COLORS! + Paper Cranes | 7PM | 170 Barrows

Come out to Cal Rotaract’s 3rd General Meeting of the semester! We’ll let you know how you can continue to stay involved with upcoming events and get to know your fellow Rotaractors better!

The theme is FAMILY COLORS. So, make sure you wear your favorite family color outfit!!

Axels: RED
Freds: BLUE
Gustaves: YELLOW
Hirams: GREEN
Silvesters: BLACK

For the second half of the meeting, we will have a SERVICE EVENT: making paper cranes and cards for the children’s hospital. It’s okay if you’ve never made one before. We’ll teach you!

It’s never too late to join, so if you’re still interested in Rotaract and what we have to offer, as well as our upcoming events, come out!

Again, come out to our meeting for
– Paper Crane Service Event
– Family Fellowship
– T-shirts (If you don’t have yours yet.)

See you there!
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