Feb 6 | Family Night | 7-9PM | Tan Oak Room, 4th Floor MLK

Come out to Family Night to meet our awesome families!

The family system is a fun and easy way to meet people within our organization who share your passion for service. By joining a family you will be able to get to know fellow members and officers on a more personal and intimate level. Within your small family groups, you’ll go out to exciting events like ice skating, rock climbing, hiking, and of course any and all things food-related. Family tournaments, like dodgeball and basketball, are also great ways to promote some friendly competition and family pride.

The six families and heads are the Axels (Angelica, Anna, Jahlela), the Freds (Charlie, Stephen, Robynne), the Gustaves (Amber, Amy, Brian, Natalie), the Hirams (Audrey, Chris, Katherine), the Pauls (Erin, Jessica, John), and the Silvesters (Christine, Marina, Michael, Stacie). During Family Night, you will get the chance to meet all of the family heads and decide which family is right for you! Though not mandatory, joining a family is strongly recommended, as the fellowship experience is a vital aspect of Cal Rotaract.

We hope to see you there!


Questions? Email Stacie at family@calrotaract.org.

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