Oct 27 | Family Competition: Rotaract Runway | 6:30-10PM | 10 Evans

Who: Axels, Freds, Gustaves, Hirams, Pauls, Silvesters

When: 6:30-10 (doors open at 6:30, show begins at 7)

Price: Donation of (at least one) article of clothing

Join the Rotaract families for a night of fashion and fun. This semester’s second family competition is a fashion show and clothing drive to benefit Shelter Inc., a homeless shelter for women and children in Contra Costa County.

Rotarian guests will judge each participant on style, music choice, catwalk strut, integration of family color, etc. The entirety of the model’s outfit will be donated (with the exception of shoes). Eight representatives from each family will be models for this event (4 male, 4 female), with a total of 8 complete outfits to be donated. Pairs will be made for 4 themes total (ie Annie and Andy of the Apple Family will walk down the catwalk together, Bonnie and Billy, Cathy and Carl, Delores and Dan).

Themes of the outfits will be:
Outfits #1: Business/formal
Outfits #2: Snappy casual (this is a real thing, look it up)
Outfits #3: Silly/costume
Outfits #4: Self-created theme

Scoring will also be determined by the articles of clothing donated by the non-model family members. Modeled outfits will not count toward this tally. Points will be allotted as such:

1 T-shirts, athletic wear (new), accessories (ties, scarves)
2 Sweaters, tops, undergarments (new), shoes (sandals, heels, etc.), shorts, skirts, casual dresses
3 Jeans, pants, sweatshirts
4 Outerwear (coats, windbreakers), shoes (sneakers, boots, etc.)
5 Business wear (blazers, slacks), formal dresses

In the event that your family does not have a sufficient male to female model ratio, cross-dressing will be allowed.

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