Mar 2 | Family Feud Game Night | 6:30-9PM | 20 Barrows

And the survey says… Welcome to the Rotaract Family Feud!!

The Axels, Freds, Gustaves, Hirams, O’Neils, Pauls, and Silvesters will compete a la the popularized television gameshow, Family Feud.

Contestants attempt to guess the most popular answers to a question asked to 100 people. The more crowd savvy Family wins!

Which Family will be on top? This is one of two competitions to determine Family of the Semester!


What is the Family system?

Cal Rotaract’s Family system is comprised of 7 unique “Families” that last for the semester. It’s a great way to break the club down into smaller units so that members/officers can get to know one another better! Families are comprised of three officer “Parents” and their member “children.” Families host individual socials throughout the semester as well as compete in inter-Family competitions! Families that end up on top will be rewarded at the end of the semester. Note that only paid members can participate in the Family system, so be sure to get your applications in because you don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity!


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