Apr 28 | UC Green Day | 8:30AM-1:30PM | Meet at Dwinelle Plaza

Sunday, April 28th will be the first ever UC GREEN DAY, bringing together 200+ volunteers to participate in six environmental service projects all around Berkeley in honor of Save the Earth month. This is the opportunity for Cal students to give back to Mother Nature. All UC Berkeley students are invited to come & snacks will be provided throughout the day. Feel free to sign up with groups/clubs!

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle, and see you outside Dwinelle bright & early. (bring your bus pass)

Sign up online here!

The available sites are:

Tilden Park

We will be working mostly to remove invasive cape ivy, which smothers vegetation and can even topple trees, with a ride on the 100-year-old merry-go-round afterwards. Although there is little poison oak where we will be working, volunteers should wear long pants, long sleeves, and closed-toed shoes with good traction. Site Leaders: Farhan Lokman and Eric Lau.

John Hinkel Park

The park was donated to the City of Berkeley by John Hinkel, a local capitalist and philanthropist. The park was conceived to be a natural space where the native flora would be retained and enhanced rather than replaced by artificial plantings. The biggest activity at John Hinkel Park is removal of non-native, invasive ivy. By removing it, we are able to back it into an area and replant with CA native plants. In addition, there are leaves to be raked off pathways and ivy to be pulled off trees. Site Leaders: Billal Ahmed, Emily Tze, and Sophia Du.

Berkeley Path Wanderers

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (BPWA) is a group that has come together to increase public awareness of Berkeley’s pathways. BPWA hopes to accomplish this through restoration of paths leading through Berkeley that have been blocked or obscured. Activities will mainly consist of weeding and pulling ivy. Site Leaders: Aleksandrina Stoyanova, Arjun Mukundan, & Gabrielle Nguyen.

Schoolhouse Creek Commons

Schoolhouse Creek Common is a community-run native garden/orchard/play area in West Berkeley by the Berkeley Marina. Activities include pruning, weeding and mulching. Site Leaders: Xiao Peng and James Toan.

Broadway Pollinator Garden

The Oakland Landscape Committee is a community-based group that works on developing and maintaining school and public gardens, tree planting, creek restoration, vegetation management, and helps with youth development efforts working with at-risk youth. Activities include weeding, watering, and spreading compost or tree chip mulch. Site Leaders: Catherine Wang and Isabel Tejada.

Acquatic Park

Aquatic Park EGRET is the group for the tidal wetlands of Berkeley’s largest city park. Volunteers help tend native coastal plantings to improve the shoreline of San Francisco Bay for wildlife habitat. The project would consist of raking and placing mulch in buckets so they can be placed around the native shoreline plantings to control weeds and enhance the plants’ growth. Site Leaders: Margaret Wu and Melanie Jinon.

Questions? Comments?
Contact us at local@calrotaract.org

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