November 19 | Officer Positions 101 | 9:00PM-9:45PM | 30 Wheeler

Get excited, because Cal Rotaract Board apps are opening up next week! Now you see the current officers around at events, meeting, and tabling all the time, but have you ever wondered what exactly each officer does for their board position in Rotaract? Which position you would like to apply for? Where you think you would best fit in? Have no fear, all of your questions can be answered here! The 2013 Cal Rotaract Officer Board will be hosting an Officer Positions 101 panel event for people who are potentially interested in applying to be part of next year’s board. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us, and it will be held immediately after the 6th General Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19 from 8-8:45 PM.

During this event each officer will give a brief explanation of their position and what they have done throughout the past year, and the floor will be opened up for audience questions.

If you are unable to attend this event but are still interested in finding out more about a specific position feel free to contact any of the officers through email, Facebook, or in person! Contact information for each current officer is available on

If you are interested in applying to become an officer for the 2014 term, applications will be made available on our website,, on Tuesday, November 19. All applications are due before 12 PM on Saturday, November 23.

– Secretary
– Treasurer
– Impact Chair
– Membership
– Outreach
– Historian
– Webmaster
– Design
– Local Committee Chair
– International Committee Chair
– Fellowship
– Family
– Liaison

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