February 6th | Committee Night | 7:00 – 8:30PM | 20 Barrows

Interested in learning how to make a difference in the local or global community and developing your leadership skills through volunteerism?

Then come learn about how to get involved in Cal Rotaract’s fun and fabulous committees! Find out what our Local, International, and Interact Committees have in store for you this semester.

Joining a Committee is a great way for you to take a leadership role in hands-on projects and pursue causes you are passionate about in a group of like-minded individuals!

Meet your fabulous new chairs for the Spring 2014 Semester!
Local: AD & Sid
International: Boz & Maddie
Interact Stayover: Julie & William

If you have any questions, contact:
Local Committee: local@calrotaract.org
International Committee: international@calrotaract.org
Interact Committee: interact@calrotaract.org
Check the Event out HERERERERE!!!

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