April 6th | SIDETalks | 6:00PM – 8:00PM | 20 Barrows

Hello Cal Rotaractors!

I am proud to announce Cal Rotaract’s very first SIDETalks! What are SIDETalks? It’s a TEDxTalk, Rotaract style! SIDE stands for Share, Innovate, Discover, and Explore and we hope to accomplish just that with this event!

As college students committed to service, we often hear of the dichotomythat exist between service and being financially stable. This event exists not only to challenge this assumption but to prove it wrong. We aim in proving that an intersection exist between service and wealth.

At this event, we will be listening to the stories, experiences, and ideas of various members of the Rotary family. This exchange of ideas will not only strengthen our commitments to service but make us rethink our solutions to current world problems. Some of our very own members will be singing or rapping!

I hope you can come join us for this historical event!


O’ Neil Dillion: “Service and Medicine”
Dr O’Neil Dillon received his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in 1962 and his Medical Degree from UC San Francisco in 1965. After a year of medical internship, he served in the U.S. Public Health Service assigned to take care of Peace Corps Volunteers in Malaysia. From 1968-71, he completed a Psychiatric Residency at UCSF and practiced many years in Berkeley. He also provided psychiatric services to prisoners in San Quentin State Prison. Dr. Dillon is currently retired from practice.

Sabrina Ma: “Kindness Kid Today, Compassionate CEO Tomorrow”
Sabrina is a melodramtic 17-year-old girl who has crusaded for kindness in both Silicon Valley and Singapore. Having experienced the day-to-day struggles of high school, she created the Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Club in August 2011 in an attempt to lift her and her peers’ spirits. While she finds joy in hip hop, milk tea, and new cuisines, Sabrina aspires to be a globally impactful business leader who radiates compassion in all her endeavors.

Samvit Ramadurgam: “Creating Value”
Samvit studied EECS at UC Berkeley. At the end of his sophomore year he dropped out of college to start Streem (a cloud media storage company), eventually going through the Y Combinator program. Over the following years he worked on numerous ventures, spent some time at Asana, and finished his remaining semester at Berkeley. Samvit more recently founded and still runs Equidate, the stock market for private company equity. Equidate is based in San Francisco and provides employees at private companies an avenue for some liquidity. In his free time, Samvit enjoys several martial arts and watching stand-up comedy videos on YouTube.

Shawn Rowles: “Wealth Stability”
Shawn Rowles has been active in real estate development for over 25 years and received his undergraduate degree in Urban Studies from Minnesota State University, Mankato. He started Nanuk Real Estate Consulting, Inc. in 1998 with a primary focus of providing affordable housing. Shawn has been an active Rotarian since joining the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club in 2000. As a Past President and former Group Study Exchange (GSE) team leader to Italy, he believes strongly in combining service to mankind with professional careers. By redefining financial stability and redefining wealth we can expand the intersection of service and wealth.

Vivien Trinh: “The Power of Cookies”
I am currently a senior at Independence High School in San Jose. I can bake cookies but I can not cook bacon, or anything else for that matter. I am exploring the many things that life is offering me and graphic design has most recently caught my eye. I have intertwined these two hobbies (baking and graphic design) together to empower social change within my community. One of my future endeavors is to continue my activism through college and my career life. When I am not fighting human trafficking, I enjoy dancing, reading, and staying up too late for no reason.

Danielle McGuinness
Lisa Wilson
Sid Paladugu

*These lists are subject to change and may or may not include all speakers/performers.


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