April 18th | Tie Dye & Board Game Night | 7:00PM – 9:00PM | 140 & 175 Barrows


Hayloooo Rotaractors!!!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a club-wide social, huh? Whaleee NEVAR FEAR, we planned one for all y’all! ♥ With midterms coming to an end, come blow off steam with Cal Rotaract! We invite you to join us with your Rotaract family and friends and cuddle up to enjoy your favorite games!

Monopoly, Jenga, Taboo, … Mafia, Poker, Bridge … Shoot, did someone just say we’ll be tie dying shirts?!?!?!

And if board games and tie dying aren’t your thing, NO WORRIES…You can dance your sorrows away with Reann and I (Bahahhaah JKJK, we all happei ppls), because we’ll have Dance central for Xbox 360!

So come join us April 18th 7:00-9pm for games, snacks, and a tons of fun!

Feel free to bring your own games if ya want! This event is open to anyone and everyone so be sure to bring out all yo’ main homies, cause it’ll be a swell time for sure :3

And did I say there will be food?!? ‘Nuff said 😀

Join us April 18th 7:00-9pm
@ 140 and 175 Barrows

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