September 19th | Rotary Mentorship Program Kickoff | 5:30PM – 9:00PM | Fred’s House

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Dear Cal Rotaractors!

Fred, Cal Rotaract’s lovely Rotarian, has invited Cal Rotaract to his home! Spend the night meeting members of Berkeley Rotary while feasting on pizza and other goodies Fred has to offer. Come and hear the adventures Rotarians have been on in their many years of service.

Rotary Mentorship Applications can be found here:

This would be an excellent opportunity to meet your future mentors and network with some of the most prominent individuals in the local community.

Transportation info:

We will be meeting at the 49 bus stop in front of Unit 3. We will be going in two different waves.

Group 1: 5:30 PM – led by Kione Wong (contact at
Group 2: 6:00 PM

For privacy reasons, the address of Fred’s house will not be released to the public for everyone on Facebook to see. If you cannot make it with a group but still want to attend, please contact me at or contact me via facebook. I promise I won’t bite!


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