End Polio Now 5K — Early Bird $15 Registration ends today! (11/3)

If you haven’t already, register TONIGHT for the EPN 5K this Saturday for $15! After tonight up to the morning of, registration will be $20.

Remember, you have three options:
1) Pay cash on Sproul! We table from 10am – 2pm.
2) Venmo @calrotaract with your name and the words “EPN 5k”
3) Pay online at endpolionow2015.doattend.com — note that doattend takes $0.74 off your registration, so less goes to the cause though this option than #1 and #2.

If you miss this deadline, don’t worry — you can still register for $20, and that’s just a little more toward wiping polio off the face of the earth.

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