Family Night!

Are you ready for a blast from the past??

Be sure to come out to Family Night and relive your favorite childhood TV shows with us! The families for the Spring 2016 semester will be revealed and each of them will have a fun activity planned to do with you all. At the end of the night, you will fill out a preference form for the families you most want to be a part of. Don’t miss out!

What is the Family System?

One of our club goals this year is called Home Away from Home. We want to foster a comfortable environment where each and every single person feels wanted and appreciated. Since Rotaract is a large club, we’ve created the family system to promote close-knit bonds among our members and to provide as many opportunities for people to get to know one another as possible.

There are five Rotaract families: the Freds, the Oneils, the Pardees, the Maxims, and the Shawns. The family names are significant because they are named after Rotarians from Berkeley Rotary. In every family there are around 20 general members who are encouraged to attend the events their family hosts during the semester. Each family is led by four “parent” members from our Officer Board who actively plan and engage in family activities and socials such as family dinners, late night boba runs, study sessions, game nights, trips to San Francisco, and more!

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