Spring 2016 Newsletter #3

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Hello from Cal Rotaract!

We hope this email reaches you all with great health and positive spirits! We know that midterms and homework are filling the air with stress, so we hope you all treat yourselves to some self-care and self-love, and doing service with Cal Rotaract is one of the greatest way for you to relieve stress! Coming up this Saturday are the Berkeley Project and Stop Hunger Now! More details will be covered in this issue.

If you want to learn more about our upcoming hands-on Service Saturdays, meet our new Historian Interns, Members of the Month and Family of the Month, come out to our third General Meeting on Tuesday, March 1st at 7pm in 2060 VLSB!

Table of Contents

  • Announcements
    1. Become a member
    2. Joining a family
    3. Surveys
  • Upcoming Events
    1. Third General Meeting
    2. Rotary Committee Meeting #2
    3. Berkeley Project
    4. Stop Hunger Now
    5. Rotary Mixer
    6. International Committee Meeting #3
    7. Local Committee Meeting #3

If you are new to our newsletters, welcome! The Cal Rotaract newsletter is a biweekly publication that contains important information on upcoming service events, socials, and other Rotaract news!

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Membership | Interested in becoming a member, but not sure where to start? Have no fear! In order to become a member, you must fill out our online membership application and turn in your membership payment dues to us either at our table on Sproul or through our official Venmo account @CalRotaract. We have two packages to choose from: $15 for one semester, or $25 for two semesters. If you pay for the two semester package, you will receive a free Cal Rotaract T-shirt! Both packages come with exclusive paid member benefits such as being a part of the family system, access to mentorship program, and membership point tracking! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!Joining a family | Being part of our Rotaract family system is one way you can meet new friends and get closer to your fellow service champs! Each paid member who applies to be in a family will be sorted into smaller group led by three to four family heads. Throughout the semester, each family will hold socials and participate in competitions with other families! Our family system remains extremely popular with our members. If you want to join in on the fun, become a paid member first and then contact our Family Coordinator Susan Wang at family@calrotaract.org.

Surveys | We are constantly trying to improve our organization so that we can provide the best for our members! Fill out our surveys so that we know what worked for you and what didn’t. Surveys are posted shortly after the event on the Facebook event page. For each survey you fill out you get 30 membership points, so make sure you fill them out!

3/1: Third General Meeting
2060 VLSB | 7-8pm | FB Event
Come out and take a break from studying for your midterms by hanging out with your fellow service scouts! We’ll be sure to liven up your week with beastly brain food, exciting event recaps and announcements of our upcoming hands-on Service Saturdays, new Historian Interns, Members of the Month AND Family of the Month. With just one month’s work, we are making mighty progress in reaching our goal of 1,000 service hours for this semester! We will also be welcoming an incredible Rotarian guest speaker and of course, have a Monsters University student ID photobooth for y’all to capture the night!3/2: Rotary Committee Meeting #2
TBD | 7-8pm
Cal Rotaract works closely with the Berkeley Rotary club, a relationship that is held responsible by our Rotary Committee! The Rotarians at the Berkeley Rotary offer support for our club through individual and committee mentorship, sponsorship, and much more! Come out to the Rotary Committee Meeting if you want to learn more!

3/5: Berkeley Project
Berkeley Aquatic Park (2925 Bolivar Drive) | 8am-2pm | FB Event
Berkeley Project aims at building a legacy of service and a strong, sustainable partnership between Cal students and the Berkeley community. Each spring, hundreds of Berkeley students from campus unite on one day and work positively impacting the community through a network of service projects. We will beautifying the Berkeley Aquatic Park and two of our members, Andrew and Tracy, will be leading the project. Here is your chance to help out at Cal’s BIGGEST community service event! FREE breakfast/lunch and t-shirt will be provided!

3/5: Stop Hunger Now
1567 Alvarado St., San Leandro | TBD
Stop Hunger Now is a non-profit hunger-relief organization that packages meals to send to a variety of feeding programs in developing countries. Although this is our first service events with them this semester, Cal Rotaract has worked with Stop Hunger Now in the past and many of our members enjoyed the event!

3/6: Rotary Mixer
Live Oak Park | 12-2pm | FB Event
Come out to Rotaract’s Rotarian Mixer this coming Sunday March 6th! We will be meeting at the bus stop on Center Street and Shattuck in front of Berkeley Games at 11:30am. We will then take the 18 bus down Shattuck to Live Oak Park where we will meet Rotarians and spend the afternoon at the Berkeley Art Center. We will have some light refreshments for your enjoyment.

3/7: International Committee Meeting #3
TBD | 7-8pm
Our International Committee is one of the four committees offered by Rotaract! If you are passionate about international service projects and plan to be more involved in Rotaract, come to International Committee’s first meeting!

3/9: Local Committee Meeting #3
TBD | 7-8pm
Our Local Committee is one of the four committees offered by Rotaract! If you are passionate about local service projects and plan to be more involved in Rotaract, come to Local Committee’s second meeting!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us online. You can also find us in person at our table on Sproul, Monday-Thursday from 10AM2PM.Yours in service,
Cal Rotaract Board of Officers
executive@calrotaract.org | http://calrotaract.org

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