Rotary Committee Meeting #4

Hey y’all! Come to our fourth meeting to immerse yourself into the true planning process for Ignitus! Ignitus is a TED-talk inspired event in which speakers who have combined professionalism with service speak of their accomplishments. Ignitus is only two weeks away, and we need all the help we can get! Hone your marketing and networking skills by participating in either our speaker subcommittee or marketing subcommittee. Meet amazing people, and learn the many efforts behind an event such as Ignitus!

Come to our committee to plan large scale events and to hone your marketing, organizing, and leadership skills! Our priority is teaching our members how to combine professionalism and service to go past the spectrum of just college. Through liaising with Rotary International, our committee is able to have an exclusive look at the application of service in the workplace as well as the opportunity to learn from Rotarians. In addition, Rotary Committee members have priority for the mentorship program and are able to come together with Rotarians to exemplify the slogan “Service Above Self.” If you like learning new things, being professional, social, and giving to the community, Rotary Committee is the one for you!

We hope you can make it, and can’t wait to see you there!

Check out the Facebook event here!

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