Spring 2016 Newsletter #5


Hello from Cal Rotaract!

Spring Break has just ended! Hopefully y’all had a relaxing, wonderful break! But it’s time to get back to business. We have a lot of service and social events planned for y’all. To learn more about upcoming events, come to our 5th General Meeting on Tuesday, March 29th at7pm100 Wheeler. Don’t miss out, service scouts!

Table of Contents

  • Announcements
    1. Become a member
    2. Joining a family
    3. Surveys
  • Upcoming Events
    1. 5th GM: Tie-Dyenasty!
    2. Rotary Committee Meeting #4
    3. The Egg-Citing Race
    4. Eggster’s 22nd Annual Egg Hunt
    5. Cal Rotaract: ShareTea Fundraiser
    6. International Committee Meeting #4
    7. Local Committee Meeting #4
    8. VIDA Warehouse
    9. 1st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Justice Conference (Flejcon)

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Membership | Interested in becoming a member, but not sure where to start? Have no fear! In order to become a member, you must fill out our online membership application

and turn in your membership payment dues to us either at our table on Sproul or through our official Venmo account @CalRotaract. We have two packages to choose from: $15 for one semester, or $25 for two semesters. If you pay for the two semester package, you will receive a free Cal Rotaract T-shirt! Both packages come with exclusive paid member benefits such as being a part of the family system, access to mentorship program, and membership point tracking! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Joining a family | Being part of our Rotaract family system is one way you can meet new friends and get closer to your fellow service champs! Each paid member who applies to be in a family will be sorted into smaller group led by three to four family heads. Throughout the semester, each family will hold socials and participate in competitions with other families! Our family system remains extremely popular with our members. If you want to join in on the fun, become a paid member first and then contact our Family Coordinator Susan Wang at family@calrotaract.org.

Surveys | We are constantly trying to improve our organization so that we can provide the best for our members! Fill out our surveys so that we know what worked for you and what didn’t. Surveys are posted shortly after the event on the Facebook event page. For each survey you fill out you get 30 membership points, so make sure you fill them out! You can find these surveys here: Cal Rotaract Surveys

3/29: 5th GM: Tie-dyenasty!
100 Wheeler | 7-8pm | FB Event

As March comes to an end, our last month of service adventures continues on! Hang tight as we reflect on our past events, meet another amazing Rotarian guest speaker and get pumped for finishing this semester strong. Local Service, International Service, Interact and Rotary Committee will be announcing their final projects and events of the semester!

3/30: Rotary Committee Meeting #4
83 Dwinelle | 7-8pm | FB Event

Come to Rotary Committee’s fourth meeting to immerse yourself into the true planning process for Ignitus! Ignitus is a TED-talk inspired event in which speakers who have combined professionalism with service speak of their accomplishments. Ignitus is only two weeks away, and we need all the help we can get! Hone your marketing and networking skills by participating in either our speaker subcommittee or marketing subcommittee. Meet amazing people, and learn the many efforts behind an event such as Ignitus!

4/1: The Egg-Citing Race
Memorial Glade | 5:30-7:30pm | FB Event

Missing Spring break already? Crying that midterms should not exist right after Spring break? Want to escape the real world? Well, Cal Rotaract has the solution to all those problems and more! Come join us for an egg-citing day on the glade. In the first hour, there will be a 2-3 person per group scavenger hunt! Then we’ll settle down on the glade to just relax and be worried free with field activities like, but not limited too: amoeba, frisbee, and soooo much more! Or just bring a blanket and rest after your first week back.

4/2: Eggster’s 22nd Annual Egg Hunt
Campanile Esplanade | 10am-3pm | FB Event

Eggster is the largest egg hunt and educational festival that will be hosted on the UC Berkeley campus for Bay Area children and their families. The mission of the event is to provide families with a fun and educational experience with the egg hunt and educational booths, which are set up to facilitate creativity and curiosity for post-secondary education. A booth will be run by Cal Rotaract under this year’s theme of “Science Eggsperiments.” At the booth, we will be interacting with the kids and showing them them what we do as a service organization at Cal. Feel free to come visit our booth! 

4/2: Cal Rotaract: ShareTea Fundraiser
ShareTea Berkeley | 11am-11pm | FB Event

Come join Cal Rotaract at ShareTea after Eggster’s 22nd Annual Egg Hunt

 and enjoy some wonderful boba while spending time with your wonderful Rotaract family! Be sure to show one of the flyers to the cashier or just mention “Cal Rotaract” when you make your purchase! 15% of the proceeds will go towards supporting Cal Rotaract. 

4/4: International Committee Meeting #4
123 Wheeler | 7-8pm
Our International Committee is one of the four committees offered by Rotaract! If you are passionate about international service projects and plan to be more involved in Rotaract, come to International Committee’s fourth meeting!

4/6: Local Committee Meeting #4
247 Dwinelle | 7-8pm
Our Local Committee is one of the four committees offered by Rotaract! If you are passionate about local service projects and plan to be more involved in Rotaract, come to Local Committee’s fourth meeting!

4/9: VIDA Warehouse Packaging
6251 Hollis St, Emeryville | TBD

Come help us package medical supplies at the VIDA Warehouse on April 9th! We will be a part of the sustainable health movement that delivers needed medicine and medical supplies to villagers all across Latin America!

4/17: 1st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Justice Conference (Flejcon)
Pauley Ballroom | 9am-5pm | FB Event

Interested in improving your understanding of your personal finances and financial future? Come volunteer at the first annual UC Berkeley Financial Literacy and Economic Justice Conference (Flejcon)! We are an annual, student-organized event drawing together faculty, administrative offices, community partners and student leaders in facilitating workshops on financial literacy and economic justice to the greater student body. The conference aims to provide financial literacy training and knowledge of economic disparities for students where, currently, there are very few opportunities to develop financial literacy skills and knowledge on campus. As volunteers for this event, students would not only gain access to the event and the opportunities offered, but also have a chance to give back to the campus community here at Cal. Sign up to be a volunteer now via the volunteer sign-up sheet here

. Don’t forget to sign up under Cal Rotaract!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us online. You can also find us in person at our table on Sproul, Monday-Thursday from 10AM2PM.Yours in service,
Cal Rotaract Board of Officers
executive@calrotaract.org | http://calrotaract.org

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