Family Night

Come out to Family Night and learn more about Cal Rotaract’s Family System! The small groups/families for the Fall 2016 semester will be revealed and during the night you will have the chance to get to know all the officers while you sip on delicious mocktails and create art masterpieces. At the end of the night, you will fill out a preference form for the small groups you most want to be a part of. Don’t miss out!

What is the Family System?

Since Rotaract is a large club, we’ve created the family system to promote close-knit bonds among our members and to provide as many opportunities for people to get to know one another as possible. This semester Rotaract is introducing a new system called Big Bear/Little Bear in addition to our established Family System. There are three Rotaract families and they split into nine Big Bear/Little Bear groups. Each Big Bear/Little Bear group is led by two officers (big bears) and will have 6-8 general members (little bears).

Throughout the semester there will be various family events planned by the Family Chair for families to bond and compete with other families. In addition to the official club events, all Big Bear/Little Bear groups will get to plan activities and socials together such as dinners, late night boba runs, study sessions, game nights, trips to San Francisco, and more!

Feel free to contact the Family Chair, Susan Wang, at if you have any questions!
For more information on our club, please visit our:
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– Instagram / Snapchat: @calrotaract

1. We are built upon 4 pillars: Service, Leadership, Fellowship, and Rotary.
2. With over 9,400 Rotaract clubs and over 200,000 members, we are the largest Rotaract chapter in the world.
3. We are sponsored by the Berkeley Rotary Club, the largest Rotary club in the world.
4. We are one of the 8 clubs under Rotaract District 5160.
5. UC Berkeley has graduated four presidents of Rotary International, the UC Chancellor was a president of the Berkeley Rotary club, and two of the Rotary International presidents were high UCB administrators.

Cal Rotaract offers exciting and sustainable service projects that make a difference to benefit our local, national, and international communities! Our service projects strive to address some of the world’s most critical issues, such as homelessness and poverty, hunger and access to clean water, the environment and sustainability, and illiteracy and education.
Meet new friends who share the common interest of bettering our world at general meetings, service events, amazing socials, and through the family system. Join the family system made up of fellow Rotaracters, and prepare to have a fun of semester through service, social outings, and inter-family competitions!
Experience what it’s like to plan large service events and service projects with other members on the Local and International committees. Become a professional in the service community by joining Rotary Committee and establishing connections with well-recognized leaders worldwide. Organize a fun-filled weekend for high school Interactors to learn what service is all about the collegiate and beyond levels with the Interact Committee. Are you ready to lead the change you want to see in the world?
Cal Rotaract’s close ties to Berkeley Rotary allow Rotaract members the unique opportunity to network with humanitarian professionals in the Berkeley area. Through our exclusive Rotarian Mentorship program, members have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor from Berkeley Rotary. In addition, members have access to awards and scholarships through Berkeley Rotary and Rotary International.

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