Fall 2016 Newsletter #1


Hello from Cal Rotaract!

If you’re new to Cal Rotaract, welcome! If you’re a returner, welcome back! We hope that you had a fantastic summer, and we’re excited to see you at our events soon. Get ready for a semester filled with meaningful service opportunities and fun social events! This week, we will be hosting our Welcome Week activities and would love for you to join us! Our first event is a social on September 5th from 2-4pm on the Valley Life Science Building (VLSB) lawn. It will be a great way for you to mingle and meet some new friends, so come out and join the fun! Can’t make it to the social? Don’t worry! You’ll have a chance to join us for our First General Meeting on September 6th from 7-8pm, location 170 Barrows. We look forward to meeting you!

Table of Contents

  • Announcements
    1. Membership
    2. Internships
    3. Mentorship PenPal Application
  • Upcoming Events
    1. Social: Arrival to Kirby’s Dream Land!
    2. Tea1 fundraiser
    3. First General Meeting: Super Smash Service Scouts
    4. Committee Night
    5. Family Night: A Night at the Museum!
    6. Service Saturday: Peace Grove Beautification!
    7. Interact Committee Meeting #1
    8. Rotary Committee Meeting #1
    9. International Committee Meeting #1
    10. Local Committee Meeting #1
    11. St. Mark’s Hot Meals Program
    12. International Shoreline Cleanup

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Membership Interested in becoming a member, but not sure where to start? In order to become a member, you must fill out an online membership application

and turn in your membership payment. You have the option of paying $15 for one semester, or $25 for two semesters. If you pay for two semesters, you can receive a free Cal Rotaract t-shirt! You can drop off your payment at our general meetings, during our tabling hours Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm on Sproul Plaza, or through our official Venmo account @CalRotaract.

Internships This semester Cal Rotaract is hiring new interns! We are currently accepting internship applications for our Historian and Design chairs. 

  1. Historian Intern: Do you want learn how to take/edit awesome photos and videos, be loved by everyone you take amazing photos of in Rotaract, get exclusive invites to Rotaract/Rotary events, and get an in to the officer circle? Then apply to the Historian Intern Team, where you will be working alongside Rotaract’s Historian to document club accomplishments and history through photography, videography, and social media platforms. You will also help conceptualize and execute various individual projects throughout the semester, including photo booths, videos, and new creative ideas decided by our new historian. All are welcome to apply, regardless or skill level or experience. If you’re interested, fill out our historian intern application

    ! Applications are due11:59 on Tuesday, September 20th. Questions? Email Priya Natarajan, athistorian@calrotaract.org.

  2. Design Intern: Have an interest in graphic design? Apply to be a Design Intern! As a design intern, you will be helping our design chair design some of our marketing materials like the Facebook event banners and maybe even event t-shirts! It’s a great way to learn and improve your skills while getting great insight at what it’s like to be a Rotaract officer. No prior Photoshop or Illustrator experience is required. If interested, fill out our design intern application here

    ! Applications are due 11:59 on September 20th. If any questions, email Claire Yoshioka, at design@calrotaract.org.

Mentorship PenPal Application Do you remember the struggle of senior year of high school? With the anxiety of college decisions, trying to figure out your major, and wondering what college is really like, senior year is not a walk in the park. To help alleviate the stress of some high school seniors, your Interact Committee Co-Chairs are introducing the Mentorship PenPal program where you, a college student, will be paired with 1-3 college seniors to guide them through the good times and not so good times of senior year. More information can be found on the Mentorship PenPal application


9/5: Social: Arrival to Kirby’s Dream Land
VLSB Yard | 2-4pm | FB event
Trying to escape the reality of school starting? Take the Warp Star to Kirby’s Dreamland (a.k.a VLSB lawn) and join Cal Rotaract for our first social of the semester! We welcome you all to join us. Meet new friends, play fun group games, and enjoy the snacks we have in store for you! Be prepared to embark on an adventure to save Dreamland from the hands of King Dedede!

9/6: Tea 1 fundraiser
Tea 1, 2380 Telegraph Ave | all day | FB event
Come stop by the brand new Tea1 for a refreshing drink to support Cal Rotaract! Just show the cashier the flyer (physical or digital is fine) or just mention Cal Rotaract. Tea1 will be giving 20% of its proceeds to our club. The funds will go towards transportation and materials for our Fall hands-on service projects such as packaging meals sent overseas for school children, helping local shelters, collaborating with youth empowerment programs, and beautifying Berkeley!

9/6: First General Meeting- Super Smash Service Scouts
170 Barrows | 7-8pm | FB event
Attention all service scouts! Get your game faces on for Cal Rotaract’s first general meeting! Join us and see how you can get started with your Rotar-adventure by: learning more about our Rotaract chapter, club membership and its benefits, End Polio Now campaign, our local and international service projects oriented on sustainability and service education, and our parent organization- Rotary International. We will also be welcoming a wonderful Berkeley Rotary rotarian guest: Fred Collignon, a past Rotaract-Rotary liaison and now the Rotary District Governor. We hope to see you there!

9/8: Committee Night
2038 VLSB | 7-8pm | FB event
As the largest service organization at UC Berkeley, we ensure progress on our service initiatives through our 4 committees. Come out to this event to meet the Committee Chairs, find out how to get involved, and see what impact you can make through our hands-on projects!

9/9: Family Night: A Night at the Museum!
102 Moffitt | 7-9pm | FB event
Come out to Family Night and learn more about Cal Rotaract’s Family System! The small groups / families for the Fall 2016 semester will be revealed and during the night you will have the chance to get to know all the officers while you sip on delicious mocktails and create art masterpieces. At the end of the night, you will fill out a preference form for the small groups you most want to be a part of. Don’t miss out!

9/10: Service Saturday: Peace Grove Beautification!
Rotary Peace Grove Tilden Regional Park | 10am-12pm | FB event
Cal Rotaract’s first official Service Saturday is a work day at the Rotary Peace Grove in Tilden National Park! We will be beautifying the existing monuments under the trees alongside our fellow Berkeley Rotarians in time for the Peace Grove Ceremony, taking place on September 14th. Join us in a worthwhile, meaningful service event that will kick off a wonderful semester. Volunteer sign-up link here: https://goo.gl/forms/1fNel8mD8sy6jYTp2

9/12: Interact Committee Meeting #1
Location TBD | 6-7pm
Interact Committee’s main goal is to bridge the gap between the collegiate version of Rotary, Rotaract, with its high school branch, Interact. Our committee’s main focus for the semester is the Cal Berkeley Rotaract Stayover (CBRS), in which we strive to empower youth to create a brighter and better tomorrow.

9/12: Rotary Committee Meeting #1
Location TBD | 7-8pm
The Rotary Committee serves to connect Cal Rotaract with Rotary International. Through our Rotary Mixers, Ignitus (a Ted-Talk inspired event) as well as our Mentorship Program, we hope to inspire members to continue service at the professional level. 

9/14: International Committee Meeting #1
Location TBD | 7-8pm
International committee is a group of students passionate about international service. Through activities, fundraisers, and educational discussions, we strive to make Cal Rotaract and the Cal campus more aware of international and humanitarian crises.

9/15: Local Committee Meeting #1
Location TBD | 7-8pm
Local Committee is one of the four committees in Cal Rotaract devoted to reinforcing Rotary International’s theme of “service above self.” We are committed to this theme by providing service at a local level specifically in the East Bay/Berkeley Area. 

9/17: St. Mark’s Hot Meals
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church | 1:30-7pm
Come with us to help out at a local community program! St.Mark’s hosts a meal every third Saturday of each month for anyone to come and get a free hot meal. There are 2 shifts available, each shift lasting about 2 hours long. You can serve during one of two shifts- the first shift starts at 1:30 and consists of prepping and setting up for the meal, and the second shift starts at 4:30 and involves serving the meal and cleaning up. Each shift will only have up to 10 people. Sign up will be needed. 

9/17: IC Shoreline Cleanup
Berkeley Marina | 9-12pm
Each year environmental organizations and government agencies such as the California Coastal Commission host the International Shoreline Cleanup, an international initiative to clean our shores of everyday items that were not disposed of correctly. Rotaract is incredibly proud to be participating and we hope to bring out as many volunteers as possible!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us online. You can also find us in person at our table on Sproul, Monday-Thursday from 10AM-2PM.

Yours in service,
Cal Rotaract Board of Officers
info@calrotaract.org | http://calrotaract.org

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